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    Rationale- Live Music 7pm

    Rationale is an alt-folk acoustic duo made up of Rachelle Fullerton (vocals) and Allan MacDonald (guitar, bass, ukulele). Born into a musical family, Rachelle started singing before she even cried as a baby. Her voice has been compared to artists such as Sarah McLachlan and Feist. Allan was born and raised on Cape Breton Island into a musical culture so vibrant, it wasn’t long before he picked up the strings and joined in with the kitchen parties and bonfires, and then on to playing many bars and pubs in Nova Scotia and Northern Alberta. Rationale covers a wide range of music in their own acoustic style – from Joni Mitchell to Justin Bieber, Fleetwood Mac to Beyoncé, Miranda Lambert to the White Stripes. You’re bound to be drawn to a beautifully, haunting voice intertwined with energetic acoustic strings

    Jolena Sebry- Live Music 7pm

    Jolena is an up and coming singer/songwriter. She started writing music at the age of 12, after picking up a few guitar lessons. Every week she would leave her lessons with homework to practice and return with a new song written. Growing up, Jolena’s music became heavily influenced by life experiences- from heartbreak to heartache to new beginnings. Her sound has been described as a mixture of Michelle Branch meets KT Tunstall. Jolena has recently branched out to Calgary. You can often find her out at various open mics through the city, or at home writing new material. Some of her recent highlights include a radio appearance on CJSW 90.9 FM, regular appearances at Blind Beggar Pub, Cafe Koi , Food Festivals, Farmer Market and the occasional busking gig.

    JT Pearson- Live Music 7pm

    JT Pearson is based in Calgary, Alberta. His music is country from the heart, with a unique blend of old school, indie rock and blues. JT Pearson’s story is one of love, loss, heartache, adventure and the road less traveled. JT has lived many lives; from living in a truck, living on the road, living in poverty, to working the regular 9-5 hustle. It’s through all of this, that JT’s music gets its meaning. True, authentic, raw and original country. Painting soundscapes of great plains, endless horizons, jagged mountain peaks, worn old highway and of course, JT’s stories. JT Pearson hopes to uplift all with his unique brand of country.

    Julie Olive- Live Music 7pm

    Julie Olive is currently a voice student at the University of Calgary, and has formal training on piano, guitar, and violin, which she frequently performs. She has performed across Alberta at venues big and small, and enjoys entertaining any crowd.

    Whaddya Know? Wednesday- Trivia Night

    Assemble your team and test your wits while having a fun night out. (18 years and older)

    KT Calcutt- Live Music 7pm

    KT Calcutt is a solo musician that performs all genres of music from yesterday to today such as Tom Petty, Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, INXS, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, The Lumineers, etc. KT delivers a high energy set of favorites to ensure the audience keeps their toes a tappin’! KT uses a PA System that is suitable for venues up to 150 people and also plays outside. KT loves to perform at special events such as weddings, grand openings, in addition to coffee houses, pubs and small bars. A mix of electric guitar and acoustic guitar is used during KT’s performances that ensure the songs are exciting & engaging all in an effort for the audience to keep listening in hopes for a sing-along! KT songs are suitable for all venues and for all ages.

    Neil Speers- Live Music 7pm

    An instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and composer, Neil’s songs grip fans on a personal level by exploring the themes of loss and redemption through several music genres like Blues, Canadiana, and Americana. Neil also won a Best Original Soundtrack award for music he composed for an independent video detailing the culture of Calgary, Canada.