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    AJ Baragar

    Releasing now 3 records on his own under the name “Rake Fight”, AJ Baragar has more recently focused on his solo performances in several different types of venues. From coffee shops to festivals, AJ has an onstage energy that draws the audience in with catchy original music, a wide variety of cover songs, and interactions with the audience members themselves. AJ strives to not only perform his music, but to entertain as well.

    Whaddya Know? Wednesday- Trivia Night

    Assemble your team and test your wits while having a fun night out. (18 years and older)

    Double Helix

    As brothers Double Helix core members Tony and Peter Chotem have been playing guitar together for almost 30 years. Their original compositions and covers draw their listeners into an evocative imaginary world of musical ideas spanning several decades and fusing elements of diverse musical styles.

    Hanna Taylor

    Hanna is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from southern Alberta. Her musical style falls somewhere at the crossroads between folk and jazz, and her lyrics are deeply rooted in both her Canadian and New Zealand heritage.

    Philip Adams

    Philip’s live performance is so unique that you will want to hear more just to experience his style. He uses a loop pedal, guitar, keyboard, and loop mic to give you a full band experience from a solo artist. He begins each loop with a single instrument, and each layer grows in dynamics and depth as more are added. You will leave each performance with a unique music experience.

    Neil Speers

    An instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and composer, Neil’s songs grip fans on a personal level by exploring the themes of loss and redemption through several music genres like Blues, Canadiana, and Americana. Neil also won a Best Original Soundtrack award for music he composed for an independent video detailing the culture of Calgary, Canada.

    Devin Cooper

    Devin Cooper is an Award Winning Bluesy Rock ‘N Roll & Country artist from Innisfail, AB. Since the summer of 2013, Cooper’s has performed over 200 shows across Canada and the United States. Cooper’s pure rock and roll soul has drawn comparisons to both early Elvis Presley and a young Colin James. The music itself is only overshadowed by the live performances, where you can truly experience the quality of his guitar playing, which always steals the show!

    Whaddya Know? Wednesday- Trivia Night

    Assemble your team and test your wits while having a fun night out. (18 years and older)


    Diemm plays folk harp and sings. She plays for that one note, that one resonant chord that opens a cascade of ‘yes’ inside you. Her harp strings weave dense landscapes of rhythm and melody. Her voice is a bell, ringing you home. Diemm’s concerts blur the line between performance and transformational offering.

    Danny Randell

    Calgary-based artist Danny Randell combines soft and soulful tunes with the stuff you can sing along to; both in his songwriting and his performance. From the shores of Newfoundland to the Alberta plains, Danny’s lyrics reflect his life experiences. Drawing on the likes of Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Taylor Swift & Mumford & Sons as influences, Danny crafts unique, pop-sensitive melodies which at times inject rhythm and at others touch the soul.

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