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Community Ties Program

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Community Ties Program

Our family was built on a foundation that included generosity. Childhood memories recall family outings volunteering over Christmas at the Mustard Seed or having weekly visits to our local seniors center. When we went down the path of creating Half Hitch, we always knew we were going to use our reach, however small, as a way to give back.

The program started with a monthly cask night. We would pick a local charity or group, and they would receive a portion of the profits made from that night. These evenings were always successful, however, the reach was limited to a single cask and one single evening. We wanted to do more than this.

When Papa Bear Prairie Ale was created, there was an instant connection for us that this would be the beer that we would integrate into our program. Named after the patriarch of our family, Papa Bear pays homage to our dad, Michael, as in our first year of business our staff would call him Papa Bear every time he came into the brewery. Mike has always been known for his charitable nature, so to label the beer as a charity ale was a no brainer for us.Proceeds of pints sold in house and at partnering locations go towards our Community Ties program. In our first year of the program, we raised over 22 thousand dollars and have helped local families, groups and charities. If you know someone or are part of a group that could benefit from a little extra help, please get in touch with us, or next time your in, ask for a Papa Bear. Every pint helps.